Monday, September 1, 2008

So today I ran 6 minutes, walked 2, ran 6, walked 2, ran 6, walked 2, ran 2 and then walked the rest. That was 3 miles and took about 45 minutes. This running is tough. It was warm out today. Maybe I should have lot 25 pounds before I started this running thing. I really will be shocked if I manage to run the whole 5K in October. I am really slow, but a friend of mine says not to worry about speed and to push myself a little bit further each time. I thought it would be easier each time, but my legs feel kinds heavy at the beginning. I have rest day tomorrow, maybe I will do a yoga DVD at home. Then Wednesday I run with the group - she said we would be running 5 and walking 1 for 1.75 miles. I can do this this (right?) yes I can !!! I am doing more than a bunch of other people are doing. My friend has helped in motivating me, he is a really great resource for the sport!! GIVE ME STRENGTH

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