Saturday, March 28, 2009


OK - I am wayyyyyyy behind and there is a lot of stuff that has gone on that I wished blogged about so I am going to do a quick catch up.

3/28/09 I need to go pick up the packet for the Shamrock Shuffle 5K walk that is tomorrow. I ear that we might get snow tomorrow, up to 5 inches - WHAT. It is the end of March. I am so over the cold weather. Bring on Spring.
3/27/09 - Henz dinner at Flatops on Washington. I had never been there before. It was good. It was a build your own stir fry. Had some good food and even better conversation with Michelle, Tracy, Daphne and myself.
3/24/09 - The South Side Irish parade on Western ave. has been shut down. They are saying the committee has chosen to end it because it is getting to big. Boy, I have had a lot of good memories on many parade days.
3/21/09 - Haircut and highlights - the new blonder color and cut gave some life to my hair -so the body wave is at the point I wanted it to be.
3/12/09 thru 3/15/09 - Scrap event at Lake Geneva. Eileen, Laura, Maryann and myself. We stayed at the Best western across from the lake. Did some shopping, eating, drinking and scrapping. another wonderful weekend with the girls.

2/28/09 - Breakfast with Nancy, Eileen and MaryAnn then headed to the Elmhurst Scrapbook and stamping consignment sale. I was selling stuff andpicked up some good bargains
2/21/09 - Got a body wave - am I digressing? I was looking for some nice soft curls. Didn't turn out like I thought but time will tell.
2/15/09 - Brunch with the gaggle and then onto see Elaine Harris' play Amadeus in Oak Park. She is very talented and it was a great show!
2/14/09 - Was gratefully invited to dinner by Jackie and Mitchell at Il Mulino - It was an excellent meal and even better company
2/9/09 thru 2/12/09 - NYMEX - trained the users on Netplus
2/7/09 - Scrapmania at Archivers

1/30/09 - Dinner with Colleen, Lynn and Jack Ryan - Went to LaFiesta and then back to Jack's. Had a very enjoyable evening.
1/22/09 - Happy 1st Birthday Tank
1/17/09 - Haircut and color - got some red, a little different - trying to get used to it. Went to another scrapmania at Archivers - very fun

12/27/08 - Archivers 12 hour scrap- was supposed to be Gurnee, but the weather was bad, so I went to Orland instead. Scrapping makes me happy.
12/20/08 - Ferriter /ODonnell Christmas party at my house - Another nice event
12/14/08 - Archivers with the scrappin Ho's - Eileen, Laura, Nancy and Mary Ann
12/4/08 - Gaggle night out - at POPS - the place for Champagne - it was a sly delayed birthday outing for me. I LOVE champagne. It was a fun night.

11/27/08 - Happy Thanksgiving - I ran the Running for Kicks 4 mile Turkey Trot. It was a little tougher than I thought because of the hills. I walked in a couple places, but overall still did well. It was cool to do that the morning of Thanksgiving
11/25/08 - Happy Birthday to Brian - 23
11/15/08 - Ran in the Wonder Girl 5K - not a good run, had to walk in places. but it was a cool event for young girls.
11/4/08 - Election day - I was an election judge at South East School - What an event because we elected the first African American president, who I also voted for. A very special day to bring the county back to a positive place.
11/2/08 - Ran the Hot Chocolate 5K at Montorse Harbor - 33:18 - my best time - got to have some chocolate after - very yummy !!!!

10/30/08 - Went to SXU to listen to Mary Matalin and James Carville speak. That was another good hour spent listening to two good speakers
10/26/08 - Ran the Trick or Treat Trot at Montrose Harbor - 35:35 - my time got better. it was pretty chilly out that day.
10/20/08 - Happy Birthday to me - 43
10/18/08 - Ran the Pumpkins in the Park 5K by Lincoln Park Zoo - 38:22 - not the best time, but again I did it !!
10/16/08 - Went and saw Kathy Griffin at the Chicago Theatre with Tracy Hill. That was my first comedy show. It was really funny.
10/9/08 thru 10/12/09 - Croppin Cottage - Always a great weekend scrapping with the girls !!
10/4/08 - RAN MY FIRST 5K - ran the whole thing, non stop. WHOO -HOOOO. Then went for drinks at Kathy Bant's condo and then went to dinner. Kathy, Nancy, Jon, Janet, Jackie, Mitchell, Elaine, Julie, Chip, Meg and Maura.
10/3/08 - Tank's vet appointment at Hilltop
10/2/08 - Went and saw Alanais Morrisette at the Chicago Theatre - great concert

9/27/08 - Susan G Komen 5K walk in Grant Park - with Colleen and Lynn - had lunch at Kitty O Shea's - very humbling day as Lauren was not with us. I also went to pick up a new addition to the family. I brought Ozzie with to me "Drake" - things went well and we brought him home with us. I changed his name to Tank, because that fits him. He still is driving Ozzie buts, because he just wants to play. He is a Great Dane / American Bull Dog mix - they think - he is a rescue dog. He is 8 months old - born 1/22/09. He actually has a very sweet personality. I am glad he is coming home with me. On the way home he shewed thru his leash and ended up in the front seat with me half way home. I picked him up from Indiana so this was a little difficult to drive with him trying to get onto my lap, since he is by no means a lap dog.
9/26/08 - Henz dinner at Cafe Iberico - Daph, Nizzi and myself - Always the best time
9/25/08 - Went to listen to to Elie Weisel speak at SXU - very intriguing hour
9/22/08 - ran 36 minutes non stop - WOW - ON the treadmill in NY
9/21/08 - Had to say goodbye to Boo - very sad - Headed off to NY for work
9/20/08 - Had the family over to visit with Boo - great time - wish he was home for good
9/17/08 - Boo came home for a visit from Sand Diego - YEAH