Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catch up 5/20/09

So it has been a bit of time since posting. I attended a great event in North Carolina - Donna Downey's Inspired 2009. It was so cool. I took mini classes that I made - An acrylic album, three pages to go in the acrylic album, a mini water color book/album, an art ring, a house shaped collage, a Theresa Collins acrylic album, a painted canvas bag and carved my own rubber stamps. Friday the main classes started with a really cool travel folio, then we worked with metal embossing and ended with an actual painted self portrait on canvas. The Saturday main classes started with a fabric journal, then we created polymer clay beads to create a watch and then the last one a really cool collage with different elements. It was so cool to meet Donna and the other teachers, I feel like she is a rock star. We had a great table group that went form main class to the next. The event was like speed crafting, I can't believe how quickly it went by. But it was SO COOL. I will definitely go back again. It was very renewing. Met some really fun people and got to do what I totally enjoy doing - creating !! Wow , I wish I could do this full time - some day. Words can't explain how meaningful this event was to me !!!

Here is a shot of the Group B table ladies at dinner on Saturday night. (top left to right - Roberta, Anna, Barb - seated - Heather, Nancy and Maureen)