Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 - Journal & Word = Choice

Part of my 2010 goals is to create something everyday (or at least try) and I didn't get this finished before midnight so it is technically 1/2/09, but I still haven't gone to bed, so I think it still counts. So to start the year out, I wanted to make a journal to document all the positive for 2010 and it will go along with my word for the year which is "CHOICE". I used a vintage readers digest book front and back cover, I stamped and embossed some vintage French text, I used some scrap velvet ribbon, I used the definition of choice from a 1930's dictionary page in the metal frame, I embossed a die cut of a bird and distressed with vintage photo ink, I stamped and embossed a manila tag with vintage photo ink and clear embossing powder and tied it with scrap ribbon. The inside is blank pages using various shades of green, tan and white cardstocks. I am going to use this to doodle in, document moments, add pictures, write different positive sayings etc. Anything that really comes to mind. I wanted to use large rings so I can easily add pages later if needed. I can't wait to see what it turns out to be at the end of the year. I choose the word choice because I need to make different choices and the only way to achieve change is by the choices I make. So this word doesn't focus on just one aspect of my life my all of it. It is going to be a great journey and I am so ready for it. The choice is MINE - that is so powerful, don't you think?

Friday, January 1, 2010


So goodbye 2009- lets just say it was some year -

January - Tank celebrated his first birthday 1/22/09, traveled to NY for work
February - Archivers with the scrapin ho's (Laura, Maryann and Nancy, an actual Valentine's dinner date with Jackie and Mitchell Harris and Kathy Banta at Il Mulino's, saw Elaine Harris's performance in Amadeus, decided to get a body wave (no, not a frizzy perm !)
March - Scrapbooking weekend in Lake Geneva (Laura, Eileen, Maryann and Theresa), dinner with the Henz (Daphne, Michelle and Tracy), Brooke Brynes bridal shower
April - Attended Daphne's dad's service, did a road trip to ISU to see Pat Brynes in Evita, 12-hour crop at Archivers.
May - Emma Ferriter's communion party, went to North Carolina to attend a creative event called Inspired, walked in the American Cancer Society walk and roll with Tank (and Daphne and Tracy and a few others), club at Lynn's new house and a crop at Archivers.
June - Went to Old Town Art Fair and then to Jackie Swift's and Meg Rowley's for open houses, went to Joe Ferriter's high school graduation party.
July - Crop at Archivers, went to visit Jackie Swift in Boston and New Hampshire, Grandpa Zudycki passed away on 7/24/09, Lauren McGovern's accident happened this month (there was and still is a lot of prayer for this strong little girl)
August - Brian came home for a long weekend, went to St. Charles Scrapbook expo for the weekend and sold stuff int he Scrapbook consignment sale.
September - Went to dinner with some work friends and went out on Gerard Burke's boat on Lake Michigan, went to Renegade craft fair on Division St., went to dinner with the Henz,
October - got a short haircut - yikes !, was a vendor at the St. Laurence craft fair and went to the Croppin Cottage. (celebrated my 44th birthday - how did I get so old)
November - scrapbooking at an event in Norridge and at Archivers
December - Had Ria, Red, Meg and Carolyn over for holiday movies and dinner, Micky O'Donnell passed away, another hair cut and went to Nancy's for the scrapin Ho's holiday get together.

Just some tidbits to jot down as to what happened in 2009. I am really looking forward to 2010 - I am ready for change and the choice is mine !!!!! Choice is my word for 2010 - I have the power to make choices for what will be and what I will make of my life, so let the journey begin. Getting healthy, personal changes, overall attitude changes, job refocus, lessoning expectations, releasing negativity - all kinds of good stuff. It is just a huge thing to be at this point in my brain. Its been awhile since I have had the desire to work on something.

So I welcome 2010 and all it has to offer.........
(and since 10 is my favorite number, I think it will be an even better year right !?)