Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

It still amazws me that this even happened. I remember being at work and someone came over and said there was a huge accident in NY. A bunch of us decided to head up to the health club where there was tv's to see what was happening. We stood there frozen watching things unfold. Since our building was blocks away from Sears Tower, we started to get concerned there were going to be these terriorist attacks in differetn cities, so we all went home to be safe. I hope that we as Americans never forget those that fight for our freedom everyday, those that were lost becuase of this fight, those whose lives have been turn up side down because of these fights. God bless NY and every American. I wanted to create something to reflect on something patriotic. I used the back side of an old readers digest book and turned it into a nice flag. (I will use the front side with the pattern for another project)

Then I used scraps of muslin and hand stiched some stars with embroidery floss. I found some white and red striped ribbon, but wanted it to look a little vintage so I used some Tim Holtz Distress ink, walnut, to darken the ribbon. I distress the edges of the ribbon with scissors and glued down the strips. I added Tom Holtz's washers to each ribbon to give it a military look. I used my cropadile (love this tool) to punch to small holes and feed some rusted wire through to make the hanger.

God Bless America

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