Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend - wish it was longer !!.
Had a great weekend camping in Indiana with family. The weather was beautiful for camping - each night and even during the day we had a fire which I so enjoy. We did some random shopping at an Antique store and I found a really cool window for 12 bucks - (I was lucky my sister was OK with dragging it home in her car :)a vintage pearl small clutch purse and some jewelry pieces. We went to a couple of thrift stores and found some treasures. This is the second time I went camping this summer and it brought back some fun memories - camp fires, smores, coolers, sounds of nature, wind in the trees, no TV and no laptop - it was nice to decompress for the weekend and enjoy the outdoors. I was able to spend time reading which was very calming. Here is a quick picture of me reading at a fire in the morning. Very peaceful.

I didn't eat all that healthy and only walked one day - but no regrets. I also did some crafts - I made another knock off necklace from Anthropology and a created my first vintage combination necklace.

I love the look of these. I still might add some more to the vintage one.
I sure did smell when I got home - good old fashion outdoor smoke/fire and fun. Looking forward to the next time (I did miss my doggies and Jason)


Clair said...

Oh my! I love your necklaces and your 'I can do that' attitude. I also love that you 'stalk' blogs :)

Thanks for the comment and the follow over on my blog. I'd be happy to have you stick around x

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Your necklaces are awesome. And of course I have to follow anyone who has the same supplies as me in their stash!

Miranda said...

These are so great!! Love them! Making it yourself is so rewarding and fun and way more fulfilling than paying Anthropologie's prices! You have talent for sure! Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining. :)