Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time Flies

I have so neglected my blog but not any more !!! I am dedicated to trying to post everyday and also focus on creating. I have revived my Etsy store. Today I listed a few things, some tags and my finished chalkboard frames. Speaking of chalk, Jason told me someone had defaced the back yard - Well, Jason took some chalk I had out on the table and wrote on the back driveway a common thing he has been saying about Tank - Poor Tank, he gets so much verbal abuse from Jason and he doesn't even know it. Today Tank and I went for a 4 mile walk. We were walking by some people and I heard a few guys say "now there is a dog". I am so proud of my handsome Tank. Another walk that was kinda hot for him - he spends so much time cooling off. I am really careful not to overheat my poor little pup.

Back to my creative side - I am hoping that someone likes them enough to buy them. I really like these cute little tags.

I am also starting to think about making some Halloween stuff - It's only August but it gives enough time to create some good stuff.
Create away !!!!

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