Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

WOW - what a snow storm - started late on Tuesday, 2/1/11 - wind was blowing hard, started snowing. They we woke up to lots and lots of snow. Two feet or more with snow drifts. Woke up at 5:30 to shovel some paths in the driveway to get my car out. The snowplow makes a huge pile right at the end of the driveway, the worse part to shovel. SO I got my car out, drove down 95th street to the train. Very erie, only two or three cars on the road. I love the morning after a big snow, so quiet. After seeing two parking lots not plowed, finally found one that seemed OK to park at. Train was running on a Sunday schedule and also was running late. So after sitting for an hour at the train station, one finally came and we got downtown around 8. At the start of the morning only 2 of my 7 employees made it in, then another finally got there at 11:00. Trading was delayed to open at 10:00am. Very quiet day, almost not worth going in for. They did let us leave at 3:00, so we jumped on the 2:30 which was actually running late at 2:50 - just made that train. Jason did a great job shoveling while I was at work - it was ALOT of snow - He said he was never shoveling again. We shall see. I enjoy seeing the snow before and after plowing and shoveling, before it gets all dirty and lived in.


Betsy said...

OMG, you were brave to be out there digging yourself out of the driveway. We don't have to deal with that here, but we're all going to be happy when spring rolls around.
Thanks for stopping by to enter my giveaway:)

Daff-O-Knee said...

Why aren't you blogging anymore? The world needs more Moe :)